Neverwinter Trade Bar Store Changes Explained

Neverwinter has released an apologetic statement on the game’s website explaining the reasoning behind the unpopular Neverwinter Trade Bar Store changes that were made on February 10. In particular, the logic behind the removal of Coalescent Wards, Preservations Wards and Blood Rubies from the Trade Bar Store in the Xbox One version of the game is explained. The news post also details the reimbursements that players will be receiving.

NOTE: This is an ongoing story; as of February 19, further changes have been announced here and here.



The post begins with an apology for lack of clarity regarding the changes, and explains that the decision for the removal was made too late in the development process for the latest update to give much warning to the playerbase. More clarity and communication is promised in the future, to avoid any similar incidents. The article does also state that “…we are still reviewing the in-game economy as a whole.”

Additionally, the reasoning for the removal of the items is explained; “The removal of these items was due to a large influx in habits that we have been following from exploiters, who have been obtaining these items and redistributing them as currency for other purposes.” The items proved popular ways for people to commit acts of RMT fraud or other violations of the EULA. The article does point out that the Coalescent and Preservation Wards can still be obtained through in game systems like Invocation; they simply may not be purchased from the Trade Bar Store.

Lastly, two types of reimbursement that will be implemented are discussed. First, every existing account will receive a gift pack that contains one Coalescent Ward, one Blood Ruby and five Preservation Wards. Secondly, every account which had more than 200 trade bars across all characters (If one character has 197, and the other 3, it counts as 200) will receive one Coalescent Ward for every 200 trade bars. All reimbursements should be made within a week.

Our Thoughts:

Fighting RMT in games is never easy, especially in games that already contain a system for exchange of real money for various in-game currencies. Hopefully the players do not carry too big a grudge; the items are still available, and the reimbursements seem quite fair. Time will tell where this leads.

Source: Neverwinter News Post

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