New Destiny DLC: “The Taken King?”

According to a RedBull promotional tie-in banner, the name of the next Destiny DLC might be “The Taken King.”

“The Taken King:” RedBull Red-handed

The promotional leak was spotted by Twitter user @AgriosEndendros. The picture is a RedBull Energy Drink box, promoting Destiny and a 404 website.

The news has some weight to it, given Bungie trademarked “The Taken King” a few weeks ago at the US Patent & Trademark Office. The trademark was filed by Jim Charne, the same attorney that filed trademarks for Destiny’s The Dark Below and House of Wolves expansions. Further digging also reveals the logo for the new DLC:



Bungie has also been testing a major content release slated for this fall. Though details have yet to surface, it is clear Bungie is planning something big.


Though it started on a rocky path, Destiny has blossomed into one of the Xbox One’s signature titles. Both of the game’s expansions (The Dark Below and House of Wolves) have been met with positive reviews from both critics and players. If these leaked details hold any weight (and MMOGames is pretty sure they do) The Taken King will be the third installment in the game’s epic DLC trilogy.

Bungie has not yet specified a final number of DLC episodes (a recent post on CinemaBlend suggests 4), but if they keep receiving positive reviews, they might continue for several years.

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