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New Elin Exclusive Class Coming to TERA

Today, Nexon unveiled the next new class in TERA, which will be available on January 26 in South Korea and likely at a later date in Europe and North America.

Now that every female race in TERA has its own exclusive class, with the exception of the Amani, it’s obviously time to start back with the ever-popular Elin. TERA developer Bluehole Studio is well-known for releasing race and gender, female specifically, locked classes and the newest one is going to be another Elin exclusive.

The official English name for this class hasn’t been revealed yet, but it roughly translates to Shinobi and wields giant shurikens. It appears to have many ninja-like abilities, and from the looks of the trailer it will be a highly-mobile DPS class.

Currently, there are 3 race specific classes in TERA: the Reaper, Gunner, and Brawler. The first exclusive class was the Reaper, which is only available for the Elin race. The High Elf and Castanic races later gained access to the Gunner, and the most recent addition was the Human Brawler.

With all these female-exclusive classes, many fans are wondering where the male-only classes are. Bluehole has previous stated that race-specific classes allowed for content to be released quicker due to animation and outfit design constraints, but there has been no mention of ever creating one for the males or genderless races (Popori or Baraka).

Our Thoughts:

It’s fairly obvious that the most popular classes, or the ones that make the most money, are female, and Bluehole is going to continue doing what is necessary to stay in business.

Source: MMO Culture

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