EVE Online Developer Diary Outlines New Update

The newest update for EVE Online, Phoebe will usher in a new era for “nullsec” (player owned areas). Phoebe is currently scheduled to launch on November 4th. The new changes will bring a variety of  new opportunities for exploration and include revamps to major systems like the skill queue, Invention, market trading, notifications, the sensor overlay and more. Some of the larger null sec changes are in regards to jump mechanics as well as a variety of ship balancing.

From the Developer blog.

Phoebe brings big changes to long distance travel in EVE Online, introducing jump fatigue for characters using jump drives, jump bridges and jump portals along with a number of related changes that affect the ecosystem of travel, warfare and logistics in EVE. Related changes include capital ships using gates, doomsday weapons working in low security space, sovereignty structure hit point adjustments, starbase weapon rebalance, Stealth Bombers and Heavy Interdictors rebalance, and station bubble modifications. 


“Leaked” communications from EVE’s major alliances have already found their way to the public realm. Alliance deployments and plans have already started shaking up the financial, military and social aspects of EVE’s massive player-owned areas ahead of Phoebe’s release. It will be interesting to see how the new changes affect the games politics and diplomatic relations.

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