The Old Republic

New Expansion for Star Wars The Old Republic

Get your light sabers ready, dust off your blasters and get ready to explore the galaxy once again. BioWare has recently announced a new full length expansion pack for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Shadow of Revan will have players facing against one of the most notorious foes in the entire galaxy. The expansion pack is available for pre-order right now. At a price point of 19.99USD, BioWare promises it will be a content rich experience that all players are sure to enjoy.

The expansion pack is planned for release on December 9th 2014. Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Shadow of Revan offers five new levels of story-driven missions. The level cap has been increased to level 60. There will be several new worlds to explore, high-level multiplayer Flashpoints and Operations missions plus much more. For a limited-time, all Subscribers who pre-order before December 1st will receive a Class Experience Boost, offering players 12x experience gain through Level 55 with the opportunity to immerse themselves exclusively in exciting class story mission. Whether you are a returning player or have never experienced Star Wars: The Old Republic, now is a great time to visit this galaxy far, far away.

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