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The New Face of World of Warcraft PvP in Legion

World of Warcraft: Legion is looking absolutely fantastic but so far we’ve only been told minor details and we are simply dying to hear more. So of course we were excited to get a whole bunch of information on how PvP is going to work in Legion from the arena livestream, I mean, Blizzard are completely changing the honor system (again), so there is bound to be some juicy stuff in the works!


Gear is Changing

A hefty bunch of the information was about gear, I mean – who doesn’t like dressing to kill (figuratively or literally, take your pick)?

World of Warcraft

Legion PvP gear will not be made specifically for PvP. This means that we won’t be seeing stats like resilience, PvP power, or dual item levels because the team doesn’t want players to feel as though they must have PvP gear in order to PvP. However, it’s also important to note that you will not have to raid to get the best gear for PvP, either.

So how will PvP gear work in Legion? Well, upon entering a battleground or arena, the game will set your character’s stats from your spec, not your gear. So all of your character’s stats in PvP will come from a template that is specific to your talent specialization and these can be tuned individually if one is under-performing. This will allow the devs to fine tune each class specialization in arenas and battlegrounds, meaning they can be balanced better than they could in the past. And as your gear improves, your stats will increase. For every 5 item levels gained, you get a 1% stat increase, thus ensuring that while you increase in power through gear, you also can’t gain too large an advantage.


PvP Talents

World of Warcraft

As things are right now, PvP in World of Warcraft uses gear as a progression system. So in come PvP Talents and the Prestige system to take the place of gear progression and give players a progression system that basically never ends. This is where all of the fun and useful trinket procs and other abilities and choices come into play. Right now, players can line up enchants, set bonuses, and trinkets all at once to do some serious damage, but outside of these active damage increases, damage in PvP feels a bit sub par so by moving these sorts of abilities to the PvP talent system, the hope is that damage becomes more sustained in PvP. So no, trinkets, set bonuses, and enchants will not be active in PvP in Legion.

This does bring up the question of the crowd control break trinket which has been an important part of World of Warcraft’s PvP since vanilla. This will be added to the PvP talents system as well as some other related abilities. Blizzard are still considering what to do with the Human racial that does the same thing, whether they leave it and offer Humans a different talent in that row, or something else.


PvP Level Progression

World of Warcraft

Prestige is the new shiny that Blizzard hopes will revitalize PvP in World of Warcraft. But of course, it is still in development and may need some tweaking and clarification. In Legion, players will aim to reach max PvP level. This is how you go about unlocking PvP talents and progressing generally, and you will have unlocked a talent option in every row once you reach PvP level 10 which is roughly 20% of the way to the maximum. Once you hit the max PvP level, you can reset it to gain a Prestige level. In doing so, you unlock different cosmetic rewards.


World of Warcraft

Blizzard hope that they can make World of Warcraft’s PvP more fun again in Legion. Casual players will hopefully find it more accessible with the removal of PvP “gear”, whereas higher ranked players can go about increasing their prestige levels and eventually earn some pretty awesome gear by PvPing. And it sure sounds as though they have some great ideas!


Source: World of Warcraft arena livestream

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