New features and class called Reaper coming to TERA

The wait is finally over, The long awaited Reaper class is finally coming this May for the popular free to play MMORPG called TERA. May 13th to be exact. What does she do exactly? She offers a blend of close and mid-ranged combat, wielding two chained blades to take down his or her enemies. (Kratos much? LOL). Not only that, more changes are coming to TERA as well.

Reaper starts at level 50 if you already own a level 40 character on the same server. Not to worry, there will be an awesome leveling boost and XP events for those who desire to level quickly.

What do you need to do right now to prepare for the Reaper class?

  • Log in and level up for sweet leveling-milestone rewards.
  • Play during our extended double XP event, May 2–13..
  • Read all about the new class, gameplay, skills, and more.
  • Check out all the other changes coming to TERA.

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