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Get A New Hearthstone Murloc Hero Via Recruit-A-Friend

No Blizzard game seems to be able to escape the Murloc madness, and Hearthstone makes no exception. Players will be able to unlock a new Hearthstone murloc hero,the Shaman Sir Finley Mrrglton, by using the Recruit-a-Friend feature.

Recruits will get a free Classic Hearthstone card pack in the beginning as a bonus. However, it’s not as easy as clicking a link and signing up for the game: the person using the referral link will have to first accumulate a total of 20 levels across all of their heroes.

hearthstone murloc hero

There are a few rules for the person recruiting as well: your recruits must be less than level 20 across all heroes to be eligible, and rewards will only be awarded in the game region of the recruiter. This means that it is useless to send a recruitment link to someone from a different region, because a recruiter will only get their reward if the recruit plays in the same region.

You can watch a preview of the new murloc hero in the video below, courtesy of Hearthpwn:


Our Thoughts:

Following the model of other newer in-game rewards, like the Graves pet you can unlock in World of Warcraft from reaching level 20 in Heroes of the Storm, it seems that Blizzard is determined to make us work more to unlock content, and we can’t really blame them. We’re guessing this will be a pretty good safeguard for players simply abusing the Recruit-a-Friend function, as it takes some time and effort to reach 20 even if by combining the levels of several heroes.

What do you think, is the new Murloc hero worth it? Or would you rather focus on improving the already known heroes?

Source: Battle.net


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