Heroes of the Storm

New Heroes of the Storm Characters Revealed

New Heroes of the Storm Characters were announced by Dustin Browder, Game Director for Blizzard Entertainment’s Heroes of the Storm, during a recent press interview. During the interview, Browder reveals new heroes for the game; Li-Ming the Wizard and Xul the Necromancer.

Heroes of the Storm


Li-Ming is a powerful wizard who appeared in Diablo III. She is designed to be an extremely demanding, skill intensive character to play; however, she has the potentially game-changing ability to reset all of her cooldowns whenever she gets a kill. Many of Li-Ming’s skills demand accuracy and quick thinking on the player’s part, but she offers a number of powerful ranged attacks, including her signature disintegration beam.

Xul the Necromancer hails from Diablo II and he has been designed to be a versatile melee character. He can raise skeletons from dead minions and then use them to create pressure on the enemy team’s defenses. Xul also can apply powerful debuffs to the enemy, and directly engage them with single target and area of effect melee attacks. Both characters are powerful additions to the Heroes of the Storm roster.

Our Thoughts

These new characters sound like a lot of fun, and we think they’ll bring new dimensions to the already very varied character roster in Heroes of the Storm. It’s just cool to see Blizzard including characters from so many places and times; Diablo II was released fifteen years ago, and here’s a character from that game!

Source: Razer Insider interview

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