New High-Quality MMORPG TERA Online Class Releases

As the world of TERA draws ever closer, more information is uncovered about the mysterious High Elf race and Priest class. The High Elves, a deeply spiritual and ambitious race from the great city of Allemantheia, will look to restore their civilization to its former glory.  While the Priest class is set to bring a new and unique twist to the battlefield, promising to break the mould of every MMO before it. 

The Monsters of TERA: Beyond the Ordinary

We can’t even tell you, how often you fought against goblins, ogres and dragons in the past years. With TERA we want to go a different way in many parts of the gameplay, this also includes the creatures you’ll encounter on your journey.

You’ll see monsters you have never seen before, like the immense, greedy Kumises and the twisted, sinister Lokians and we don’t even want to talk about the metallic monstrosities known as the Argons, the main enemy of all races in TERA.

The whole world of TERA is now a dangerous place, citizens are always surrounded by dangers and the monsters have even started to strike at the heart of the Valkyon Federation. Only the brave players stay and fight back the enemies, which are trying to annihilate all known races.

The High Elves
If you decide to play as a high elf in TERA, you also become a part of the worlds most ambitious and ruthless society, but they are also known for their intelligence. The life as a high elf in TERA is not an easy one, with a world where diversity is vital for a race to survive, the Elven pride is as tenacious as the elves themselves.

The High Elves in TERA fill in every role in their typical arrogant but superior way, despite what class they choose. A high elf will always be a tough enemy and hard to read, because they always keep tight when it comes to expressing their emotions. This can be an advantage, but also a problem, as the High Elves need to cooperate and gain the trust of the other races.
High Elves are known for their longevity and their wisdom. They may have joined the Valkyon Federation as the last race, but you shouldn’t doubt that there may be the chance of them being the leaders in the near future.

Classes: Berserker and Priest

As a Berserker you trust in solving problems with your huge battle-axe. If you really can’t solve the problem with your axe, the “problem” will most likely end up fleeing in fear anyway. At least that how Berserker sees the world in their own eyes. A class full of devastating power, which can be unleashed to its full potential on every battlefield out there.

Berserkers are feared for their rage, but still as a player you need to think tactically, move around the battlefield, evade enemy attacks and unleash the Cyclone attack in the right spot at the right time, to annihilate anyone who comes close to you.

Movement is always important in TERA, as a Priest it will be one of the keys to succeeding on a battlefield or in supporting your group members. As a Priest you’re not just the basic healbot, standing there and spamming heal after heal. You’ll need to deal damage, lock down enemies and keep moving while trying to keep your group members alive, both with single and manually targeted heal spells and also with casting a Circle of Rejuvenation.

The Priest is the key player to success in both PvE and PvP, friends and foes will also try to protect our get to you. Healing in TERA takes skill, but you’ll earn trust and victory if you do your job right.

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