New and Improved TERA Club Benefits

With the new TERA: Rising expansion just around the corner En Masse and BlueHole Studios have announced there will be some changes to their premium subscription service, TERA club. The new changes are sure to please subscribers of the service. Starting with this patch, club members will be able to benefit from two hours every day with 100% more experience points, gold and reputation points. Previous to this patch club members got one hour of double exp, gold and reputation.

One of the big draws of TERA Club is the exclusive mount gift. The current mount, the Snow Tiger is to be replaced by the exclusive Razormane, a majestic white horse decked out in a stunning armor set. The patch will include three daily potions for all TERA Club members. These potions provide powerful bonuses, making the game a little easier. Information on the new potions is listed below



  • Cleopatra potion x 1 – Increases attack power by 12% for one hour
  • Bravery Potion x 1 –  Increases attack speed by 4%, Attack damage by 10% and defense by 10%
  •  Vial of Elinu’s Tears x 3 – Instantly restore 300 production points.


For more information on Path of Arun or the new and improved TERA club benefits please see the related post on the official website.

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