Heroes of the Storm

New Medic in Heroes of the Storm

Lt. Morales has just landed in Heroes of the Storm and she brings an array of new healing and utility abilities.

As the first true StarCraft support character, Lt. Morales has quite a bit to live up to and she is one of the most defensive heroes in the game. Her skills include Healing Beam, Safeguard, Displacement Grenade, Caduceus Reactor, Stim Drone, and Medivac Dropship. Essentially, she has a heal over time, damage reduction, knockback, passive healing, and two heroic abilities that support other team members.

Heroes of the Storm

The biggest threat for Lt. Morales is burst damage because she has no way to instantly heal allies after a devastating attack. Most other supports work by healing a large chunk of heal at key intervals, but LT. Morales is more similar to Brightwing by providing a constant stream of smaller heals. The Medivac Dropship could also be a game-changing ability. Having the option to almost instantly transport the entire team across the battlefield can help capitalize on victories or regroup after losses.

In addition to adding a new hero, the update to Heroes of the Storm includes balance changes for other key characters including Zeratul, Tassadar, Tyrande, Chen, and many others. Furthermore, there have been huge changes to maps such as Overgrowth now disabling the enemy’s core on Garden of Terror and Sky Temple no longer spawning three Temples simultaneously.

Source: Battle.net

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