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New MMO Browser Game Genleo

MMOHub has been approached by someone that runes the browser game Genleo. It is the sort of thing we like to see: young people whore are just going for success. They build MMO games, browser MMOs. Not always is the quality of design good, but the gameplay could be good. The fun of playing with others is maybe even better then ALL those fancy MMORPGs out there.

1. What do you think of this game?
2. Do you know more games like these?
3. Should we add these games on MMOHub?
4. Who would like to review this game for us and tell us if this is any good?

Short intro of Genleo

A free web-based MMORPG called Genleo. You are instantly immersed in a world before modern weapons. A world where fantasy is the reality. One where the Gods battle along side the mortals. With several races to choose from one can surely make a custom character that suits them. Wield mighty weapons made from Mythril, cast powerful spells, create farms, build an empire, one can simply fish all day, become a valiant knight, an assassin, or just one who wanders as a bounty hunter. As you travel across the land of Eratica, trading with the merchants, talking with locals will allow one to learn about their history, their beliefs, their stories. Also one can read the vast amount of knowledge in the archives of local towns. One can go from slaying a mighty Dragon to helping the local peasants find their small lost child. The path of hero and villain are before you… what will your path entail?

Well, let us know in the comments below!

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