New MMORPG Immune Heads Into Early Access

Independent games developer and publisher Vidiludi games & Entertainment has announced their post-apocalyptic PC & Mac top-down MMO game, Immune, is now available for download via Steam Early Access, and is gathering support via Steam Greenlight. For more information on Immune please visit the official website for complete details.

Immune is a humorous early access sandbox survival MMORPG with PVP and PVE, in which you scavenge, hunt, and even grow your own food to survive. Inspired by classics such as DayZ™, Rust™, and Stalker™, Immune takes place in a post-apocalyptic world following an outbreak of a devastating pandemic leaving only a handful of survivors. But beware of the gasmask-wearing NPCs doing everything in their power to avoid the infection by shooting everyone sick or immune in the face! To survive you must discover or build a secure shelter to make it through the night and scavenge the wastelands collecting resources, crafting basic tools, and discover ammunition to hunt prey using your arsenal of weapons. You can even raid the NPCs, but beware as they might retaliate and hunt you down when you least expect it. Craft or build your own fort or occupy an existing house by making it secure and ready to fend off enemy attacks. Cars and other vehicles can be discovered and controlled offering transportation to key locations such as airports, radiation zones and even enemy territory on your hunt for your next meal!

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