New Rappelz Expansion

New Rappelz Expansion Coming February 2nd

WEBZEN has announced the next expansion for their dark fantasy MMORPG Rappelz. Titled Epic IX Part 3, the expansion is set to hit the game on February 2nd.

New Rappelz Expansion

Epic 9.3, as it is being called alternatively, will introduce a couple of new features and challenges for the Rappelz community, including a brand-new dungeon, new monsters, a final awakening system and much more. Once the expansion hits, players will be able to obtain a special token from a dedicated quest line, which will grant them access to the new dungeon; Remains of the Ancients. This new dungeon features two powerful and terrifying monsters along with a mysterious final boss.

The old dungeons aren’t being forgotten though, as they’ll also receive an update. Magical pillars will start appearing, enabling players to face new challenges. Special jewels will drop from the most powerful monsters as well. Reveal the hidden power inside yourself by collecting all of these jewels and get a huge boost to the number of your abilities.

All of this, combined with the final awakening system that boosts players’ skills like never before, will truly unleash a player’s full potential. For more information about Rappelz Epic IX Part 3, make sure you visit the official Rappelz website.


Our Thoughts

This new Rappelz expansion is not short of new challenges, which makes it all the more exciting. Though it’s still 2 weeks away, we surely have something to look forward to!

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