League of Legends

New Research Shows Top MMOs in the World

What is the top MMO of 2014 so far? New research shows that League of Legends really is King of the MMO scene in terms of Revenue. It shows the top MMOs by revenue from January 2014 to September 2014 which have a total worldwide revenue of $8 Billion. Overall the report shows that MOBAs are still on the rise thanks to popularity of eSports while first person shooters are having trouble standing their ground.

The MMO market is still largely dominated by Asia while Brazil and Italy show the fastest growth in the world. Free to Play games still dominate the scene and it is expected that the decline of Pay to Play will continue. Perhaps most surprising is that in the US gamers play games 6 times a week but 55% of them consider themselves to be mid-core. See all the data in the three charts rotating above this paragraph.

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