New TERA Video Released; More Castanic Details

In case you weren’t aware, TERA is an upcoming Action MMORPG that can be best described as Vindictus in an open world environment. Players aren’t restricted to series of instanced dungeons or levels, they are free to explore three large continents filled with as much lore and polish as one might expect from a AAA title. Now that we have brought everyone up to date, Frogster has just released a new video showcasing a fly through of Fyremount. This new area has close ties to the Castanic race.

TERA MMO Games Castanic
“Attack life – it’s going to kill you anyway.”

traditions, one of these being a rite of passage; acceptance into adulthood. To become an adult in the Castanic society, a young Castanic must travel to Fyremount and face challenges that will push them to their limits. Given little more than vague instructions, return with something of value, players will be rewarded for the lengths they go to prove their worthiness to the clan as an adult Castanic. Do you collect some ore lying around the ground near your arrival, or do you delve deep into that mysterious abandoned mine to retrieve the treasures that await? The choice is up to each individual participant.

While rumour might say the old mine is abandoned, a threat is emerging that proves otherwise. Demons that inhabit Fyremount have held a grudge towards the Castanics throughout time, and many still wish ill fate on the young hopefuls entering the clutches of their domain. Will you stand up to the test? Will you be acknowledged as an adult citizen of Castania?

Tera MMO Games Castanic

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