Newest Conan Exiles Update Lets You Climb the Walls

Ever have one of those moments in a game where you make your character leap at a surface and they simply bounce off of an invisible wall, unable to surmount a simple hill or climb a basic cliff? Conan Exiles Update 28 will no longer have such a restriction as players can now climb any surface they see.

conan exiles update 28

When we say “any surface”, we mean “any”. Players are able to scale up and over every building, cliff, or tree they see in the game provided they have the stamina to do so. Players can even build items that will improve their ability to climb. However, climbing carries certain risks; players who are damaged mid-climb will fall, and tier 3 Reinforced Stone Fences and Crenelated Walls now feature spikes that will hurt any climber who touches them.

Update 28 is also introducing a new Exploration System that adds points of interest for players to discover and earn XP from, as well as an upgrade to the latest Unreal Engine version and a number of other tweaks.

More information about this new update can be found on the official site, patch notes can be read on the Steam page, and a video showing off the new gameplay can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Climbing looks like a whole lot of fun as well as a whole lot of dangerous! It’s remarkable how such a simple addition to a game can open up numerous avenues for both exploration as well as for attacking foes. We’re ready to start throwing ourselves at every tree and cliff we find!

Source: official site

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