Next Defiance 2050 Beta to Include Consoles

Another Defiance 2050 beta weekend is on the horizon, and this time the shooty MMO is going to bring console players to the party. For realsies this time. Players on PC will get yet another chance to try the game out, while PS4 and Xbox One players are going to hop in for the first time.

defiance 2050 beta weekend

The next closed beta test will kick off this coming Friday, April 27th through Sunday, April 29th. In this closed beta test, players will be able to level their characters up to level 25, explore the Mount Tam and Madera regions, and join in on large-scale battles and story missions.

According to the announcement, PlayStation 4 players who are looking to looking to play the beta are going to need a North American account much like the last time. That said, all of the methods for adding your name to the list should be the same as the last time as well.

Our Thoughts

Well, it’s good to know that console players are going to get their chance to try Defiance 2050 out. That said, there’s some early impressions both from colleagues and from the community that seem to suggest that some adjustments to this “built from the ground up’ version of Defiance needs several more pieces of construction done to it. Perhaps this new build will introduce some truly new changes?

Source: press release

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