Niantic Offers a Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Release Window

It’s not a firm release date, but a Harry Potter: Wizards Unite release window is just about as good. Unless you’re excited beyond words for the mobile AR game. In any case, Niantic’s CEO John Hanke has let at least a couple of beans spill.

wizards unite release window

Unfortunately, the release window in question is rather wide. Citing a story in the paywall-hidden Financial Times, has reported that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is eyeing a release sometime in the second half of 2018.

Hanke has promised that the rollout of Wizards will go smoother than 2016’s Pokemon GO as a result of experience. “In terms of dealing with public locations, government policy, regulations and public reaction to people being out in the real world, we have built up our expertise there,” said Hanke. The CEO is also promising that problems will be more swiftly handled this time around.

Additional details are currently unavailable, including scope of release and devices that will be supported.

Our Thoughts

We honestly weren’t really expecting this one to come out this year at all, let alone the nebulous window of 2018’s second half. While Hanke’s promises certainly nod to recognition of PoGo’s meteoric rise and fall, we’ll wait and see until things actually play out this time around.

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