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Nindou Begins OBT

In celebration of the Holidays and the launching of Nindou in Open-Beta, a series of events will be held for players to take part in. Nindou begins OBT testing and welcomes you to join!

Nindou Closed Beta events

  1. CB gifts: to show our appreciation of the old CB players, we provide VIP card for 60 days as a gift. Players who joined CBT can claim OB gifts when they input their CB accounts on the event page.
  2. If players forward e-paper or event page to three friends, they can gain an OB gift: Octopus Mask.
  3. If players level up to 20 before 12/20, they can get 100,000 Gold in game as an OB gift.

Nindou Christmas events

  1. 12/24, all accounts level 10 and above get a Christmas hat. All accounts level 20 and above get a Christmas hat and Santa outfit.
  2. For players who make purchase before 12/24, there will be an extra 50% bonus.

Nindou provides several different combat modes in which a player acts as a Ninja. Featuring its easy-to-follow guides, friendly interface, Nindou requires only mouse clicks to control the characters but still the gaming experience is exciting and fun. With lovely Ninja characters and graphics, Nindou is truly a wonderful world full of pleasure. The game provides a fast tempo game-play.

Players can always finish a battle shortly. In other words, you can be a winner in a couple of minutes.

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