No Man’s Sky Invites Players to The Abyss

The next larger-scale content update for the space survival game No Man’s Sky is letting players find out if it is indeed better down where it’s wetter. The Abyss update has brought on a significant level of…er…depth to the game’s underwater worlds, with new buildings and pursuits as of today.

the abyss update

The underwater locations of No Man’s Sky’s planets have gone through an overhaul, with an expanded variety of underwater life, new materials to collect and a number of new missions for players to take up. Several things can be scavenged from underwater, from lost cargo to sunken ruins to even rare crashed starships that can be brought back to the skies.

Exploring the deep is also being refined with a variety of new submersible building parts to let players craft underwater bases and a new Nautilon submarine. The Nautilon can be summoned to any ocean, and can even be customized both visually and in terms of equipment loadout with mining or combat equipment.

The update has also brought a new vehicle shop merchant to the space stations in the game, and has made tweaks to frigates that lets them be scanned by the Analysis Visor and allows players repair friendly frigates in multiplayer. The full patch notes can be found here while a trailer showcasing the new underwater goodies is below.

Our Thoughts

We actually hadn’t considered that the underwater segments of No Man’s Sky needed an overhaul, but we’re certainly glad to see it! It’s looking like things will be significantly busier in the various oceans of this game’s universe.

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