Notorious Games announces Xsyon Earth 2012

Notorious Games would like

to proudly announce the upcoming release of Xsyon Earth 2012: Prelude!

Xsyon is a unique apocalyptic fantasy massively multiplayer role playing game

(MMORPG) and virtual world. This virtual world is constantly changing, influenced by player’s actions and the environment’s reactions.

The game is

built around environmental, natural, economic, questing and social systems. These systems are in constant flux and it the players interacting with these systems that

determine the current state of the world.

Players can build towns, clear roads, tear down forests, plant crops and shape the terrain. Characters

progress using a combined level and skill based system, raising their abilities by their specific actions as well as gaining general experience points. The Xsyon character has

a wide range of skills to master in combat, crafting, resource gathering, thieving and social skills. Xsyon relies heavily on player verus player interaction, trade and


Xsyon is a fantasy environment, but it is heavily based on reality. Set in an uncertain apocalyptic future, the virtual world draws upon real

life geography, history, science and medicine, making the game educational in additional to entertaining.

By combining elements of different game genres

and social worlds and by blurring the lines between fantasy and reality we have created a unique online world.

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