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Guild Tournament and Holiday Events for Trickster Online

Exciting Trickster Online news: a new discovery guild vs. guild tournament and special holiday event for Trickster Online are starting this week. Ntreev USA, a leading online game developer and publisher, announced today an exciting new Guild tournament and Christmas event taking place this month in its popular fantasy MMORPG, Trickster Online: A New Discovery. The Guild vs. Guild tournament will take place December 16th – January 13th. And for a little added holiday fun, the Christmas event will run from December 17th through January 6th. Players can visit the Ntreev website to download the game and participate in both events. Trickster Online: A

New Discovery Guild vs. Guild Tournament. During this event period, guilds will be monitored in four different categories: The Most Active Guild, the Guild with the Most New Members, the Guild with the Most Guild Battle Wins and the Guild with the Most Completed Quests. The members of each winning guild will receive a special Dragon Helmet that will add bonus stats to their characters. The boosts players will receive with the special helm include Magic Defense, Health Points, Defense Protection, Hit Evasion, Detect Ability, Accuracy, etc.

Christmas Event – For participating in this special Christmas quest, players will be rewarded with Christmas themed swords, guns, hats and shields. “The holidays are a great time to share with family and friends, and we consider our community of players like family, so we wanted to give them some special treats this holiday season,” said Chris Lee, CEO of Ntreev USA. “The Guild tournament will pump up their competitive spirit, while the Christmas event is our fun-filled holiday gift to the players.”

To download Trickster Online: A New Discovery for free visit the official website.

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