Nuanor Revealed in Revelation Online World Trailer

A new Revelation Online world trailer shows off the coming MMO’s universe and details the game’s regions.


The world of Nuanor is the focal point of the latest trailer from Revelation Online, which describes the game’s world, its people and its areas. The game will feature ten provinces with three capital cities and seven other strongholds available to players, all located in a seamless open world map that players can fly to at any time. The game will also feature nine dungeons meant for 5 to 10 players, and endgame raids built for 20.

Revelation Online is taking applications for closed beta, and further information about what the game offers can be found on the official site. You can also view the “World” trailer below.

Our Thoughts

The realm of Nuanor looks gorgeously realized, with a broad variety of biomes and areas to explore. Revelation Online overall sounds like a robust MMO, with several interesting classes and a beautiful open-world map to fly around in. We’re looking forward to exploring this one!

Your Thoughts

What did you think of the trailer? Are you interested in the game? Have you already signed up for the beta? Tell us what you think below!

Sources: Press release, YouTube

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