Old School RuneScape Goes Dark after Economy-Destroying Bug is Found

A game as wizened as Old School RuneScape can kind of feel like it’s just holding itself together by sheer force of will and years of careful work. That said, even the elder statesmen of MMOs can be prone to world-shattering bugs. Case in point, an OSRS bug that brought so much grief to the MMO’s economy, the whole game had to be reset a bit.

osrs bug

The bug in question essentially let players create huge stacks of in-game gold from thin air, transforming items into gold at-will, even on every single player kill. Worse yet, this figure was nothing small – 2,147,483,647 to be precise, which happens to be the largest amount of money possible to be held at once.

Not only did this random bug cause a sudden flood of coin, but this had greater impact on the MMO’s Old School Bonds market, which lets free players purchase subscription time with gold. All told, the bug spelled doom for the entirety of OSRS and so Jagex pulled the plug approximately 19 minutes after the bug was found in the wild.

The cause, according to the latest update from the devs, was a coding error related to the Pickpocketing update.

As of this writing, some of the worlds of OSRS are back online while the devs assess the fix they’ve applied, which essentially was the first forced rollback of the game. “We’re very much aware that players’ other items are affected by this kind of rollback,” reads the latest post. “Sadly we were not able to restrict the effects solely to players who’d generated money from the bug, as coins are tradeable and the effects were far more wide-reaching.”

As for those who took advantage of the bug to snag themselves some Old School Bonds, Jagex will be dealing with those players accordingly, including removal of illegitimately gained membership time and temporary bans from the game.

Our Thoughts

Woopsies! That is a pretty astronomical bug, to say the least, and it’s pretty remarkable that the folks at Jagex were able to act as swiftly as they did. Losing 20 minutes’ worth of progress seems like a pretty small price to pay for not seeing the MMO’s economy absolutely tank.

Sources: PCGamesN, official site

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