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Old School Runescape goes Free to Play

RuneScape is one of the older MMOs still on the market. It’s also one of the first real time browser MMOs. Since it’s launch in 2001 RuneScape has seen a lot of major changes over the years. The most recent major change was RuneScape 3, Which updated the graphics engine and changed various mechanics such as combat.

As with any MMO that undergoes major changes, some players don’t react well or enjoy the newer rendition of the game. Jagex has always been really great about appeasing that portion of the player base. When RuneScape launched its first major engine overhaul in 2004, Jagex released “Classic” to give subscribing players the option of enjoying the original game. The same scenario repeated its self when RuneScape 3 launched. Jagex opted to release Old School RuneScape.

Originally RuneScape Classic was available for members only. As of today, Old School RuneScape has gone free to play. Free players only have access to the original free areas of the game and some additional changes and restrictions have been placed in the game.

For more information on Old School RuneScape, please visit the official website.

Oldschool RuneScape

Permanent F2P is now here for Old School. Anyone and everyone can log on and play the F2P area of the game until their heart’s content. Both new and existing accounts have access to F2P Old School so whether you are a new or old player you can hop on and play for free!

We’re making some small changes to the F2P portion of the game to accompany the release of permanent F2P.

Some time ago we removed the ability for F2P players to chop yew trees or fish lobsters. As we are introducing some additional limitations to F2P players, which will be detailed slightly further down in the news post, we have now made it possible for F2P players to chop yew trees and fish lobsters.

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