One World of Warcraft Player has Earned Every Achievement

“Six years ago I set a goal for myself,” writes one particular World of Warcraft achievement hunter on the game’s subreddit. “Today I reached that goal.” That goal is a completely full list of achievements from WoW’s current offerings, which also makes this player the only one to accurately say they have nothing to do in WoW.

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Xirev, a blood elf fire mage on the EU Vashj server, has netted themselves a completed achievements page in every possible discipline currently available in the MMORPG, whether it’s PvP, crafting, gathering or otherwise. The feat was so impressive that the subreddit’s mods even amended their rules regarding achievement-related posts.

“I think this counts as beating the game,” remarks one response to the posting. To which we’re inclined to agree.

In other World of Warcraft news, a tweet from the devs of Warcraft confirmed datamined findings regarding First Aid; the profession is indeed headed for extinction come Battle for Azeroth. The Tailoring and Alchemy professions will be where players can craft their own bandages and anti-venoms, respectively.

Our Thoughts

Well, here’s hoping that Xirev won’t burn through the upcoming achievements in Battle for Azeroth too quickly! Though of course, they’re also one of the players who will have earned the First Aid-related achievements before they get filed into the Legacy folder come BfA. Honestly, though, does anyone really stockpile bandages anymore?

Sources: WoW subreddit via Destructoid, BlizzardWatch

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