Open Beta Planned for Elite Dangerous: Beyond’s First Chapter

The first chapter of the next season of Elite Dangerous is due to arrive soon to all PC players. An Elite Dangerous: Beyond open beta will introduce new features, new enhancements and more in the next few days in a free test update.

elite dangerous beyond

The open beta of Beyond – Chapter One will add co-operative Wing Missions to the game. While specifics on what these missions will involve were not detailed, the feature is said to offer team-based objective gameplay and shared rewards for everyone involved.

Trading information is also getting streamlined, with the ability for players to access trade data from systems they have already visited. The update will also bring a planetary visual improvement pass, promising “vibrant surface colors” that “better reflect planetary geological properties”.

Chapter One will also tweak engineering mechanics, mission rewards, the game’s crime and punishment system, add a new internet spaceship, and provide GalNet audio to hear the latest news without docking in a station and reading.

All of these features will arrive to the open beta of Beyond this coming Thursday, January 25th for PC and Mac players. Patch notes are expected at the launch of the open beta, but you can whet your appetite in the teaser trailer below.

Our Thoughts

We’re definitely looking forward to the first chapter of the Beyond update along with chapters to come in the next season of Elite Dangerous. While many of the features in this open beta appear to be more quality-of-life focused, that’s definitely welcome in a sandbox like Elite.

Sources: press release, official forums

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