Open Beta for WildStar

Fans of the MMORPG WildStar rejoice! Now everybody will be able to take part in the game’s beta testing with it going open beta for all! Players are able to take part in the open beta testing phase during the period of 8 to 18 May. In honor of this event, the level cap has been raided to level 30. Players who have already done the beta will be able to experience more in-game this way. The team behind WildStar will also be hosting livestreams starting on Thursday, May 8th.

“featuring the guys behind the game – Mike Donatelli, product director, Chad Moore, creative director, Stephan Frost, producer and voice of DevSpeak, and Matt Mocarski, development director. Not only will they give a state of the game update and share their thoughts on exactly why WildStar is going to kick ass and disrupt the MMO category at launch and beyond, but we’re going to answer some of the outstanding questions that have been regularly popping up in our forums. You will not want to miss this.”


Welcome to WildStar!

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