Orcs Must Die! Unchained Patch 2.4 Overview

The closed beta of the green-skin themed action title, Orcs Must Die! Unchained, has received a big update today. A new life-stealing hero, Oziel, is coming to the game, whose full potential unfolds as the game round progresses. PvP players will be able to enjoy the adapted system for leadership points and War Camps as well as the introduction of new magical barriers, and destructible objects for additional in-game resources. Fans of the cooperative mode now get to go out into the popular map ‘Unchained Fortress’ in the endless mode against AI-controlled enemies. In doing so, players can now also make use of the well-known physical traps from the previous versions, which throw minions metres into the air, for example, and in doing so, allow for particularly elaborate trap set-ups.

Oziel, the Soul Thief

Don’t you just love mages with vampiric tendencies? Well, the floating mage Oziel sucks out the life force of his enemies to strengthen himself; pretty close to vampirism if I may say so myself, except Oziel doesn’t actually drink blood or anything. Oziel uses his passive ability to gather the souls of fallen minions and heroes over the course of a match. When he does this, he continually increases his maximum mana stock, which affects Oziel’s other abilities. For instance, the duration of his ability ‘Desecrated Ground’, which makes spirit hands rise out of the ground and slow nearby enemies, depends on Oziel’s total mana value. Oziel can also haunt heroes by attaching a soul to the ankles of a hero, weakening their attacks by 30%. If Oziel then basic attacks this player, the attached soul will explode and inflict surface damage to the amount of Oziel’s mana balance. You can learn more about Oziel in the video displayed below.

Leadership Point Changes, Destructible Objects and Magical Gates

Players will now be able to save themselves the trip back from the action on the battlefield to their camps when they want to invest their leadership points. Points can now directly be credited to the War Camp whose lane you have earned them on. Also new are destructible objects, which have been distributed across the whole map in the form of vases. These vases provide players with additional leadership and experience points. Old gates have now been replaced by magical barriers. These magical barriers allow your own units and fellow players to pass through them, while your enemies and their minions will need to break their way through as with the previous blockades. Damaged barriers can be regenerated over a period of time, and destroyed barriers can be rebuilt as well.


More Accessibility and Game Depth

Some leadership mechanic changes save players time and make new tactical opportunities available,without players having to leave the action. Players are now able to ask them questions, such as if it is better to continue to protect a well trapped lane, or to concentrate their efforts on the remaining routes in the hope of achieving dominance in the later stages of the game. Robot Entertainment has created  Starter deck build with an easier entry into the game in mind for new players. There have also been several tweaks to balancing of individual heroes, cards and rewards. You can read all about the changes in the patch notes.

Source: Press Release

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