Organic, Responsibly Farmed, But Not Like That: Albion Online adds Farming

Farming normally means getting out into your favorite game and doing the digital equivalent of back breaking labor. The same task over and over for gain or loot.

Soon the term is going to get muddier than an actual farmer in the middle of a bog. You can tend to your farms in ArcheAge and soon you’ll be able to tend to them in Albion Online.

The new farming system is set to offer players a way to relax away from the battlefield, aiming to provide a useful and fun alternative to the PvP action present in Albion Online at the moment.

Developers, Sandbox Interactive are providing new land types and buildings, including pastures for grazing livestock, and farms for working crops, so that players can get the most out of their land. Land that can be worked, allowing players to have the ability to create various foodstuffs and potions which bring a number of different buffs. Your mother may have been right about eating those carrots but not in the way she thought.


Farming in Albion Online is set to encompass both the raising of crops of vegetables and grains, as well as the rearing of livestock. Anyone who has played Farmville or you know, lived on a farm, knows what comes next. Players can grow tomatoes, potatoes, corn or pumpkins by sowing seeds on their farms before reaping what they’ve sown, literally. Turn the produce into potions or feed it to the animals. Feed up the livestock, fatten up the calves. Animals will produce their own products obviously as well as being slaughterable for meat.

Farming and cooking is all well and good. Meat pie or cow, what else is farming good for? Alchemy! Alchemists’ potions can help to boost a player’s chances during battles, but have a cooldown period between uses.

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Interested in getting in on the farming? Check the site here.

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