Otherland Adds New Quests

Otherland Adds New Quests with Water Isle Update

Though the demons have been driven from the lands of Wood Isle, the threats have all but disappeared from the 5 Isles. Players can now meet their next big challenge in Otherland by visiting Water Isle, the third out of the five planned areas based on the Chinese elements. In this new region, 70 exciting new quests await that grand 150 amazing rewards. The level cap has also been raised to 55.


The new content isn’t all the update has to offer, however. It also fixes a couple of smaller issues in the game and allows players to purchase Credits, the in-game currency. In addition to that, Clan XP has been reworked as well. Unfortunately, there’s currently no official picture of the Water Isle region, so you’ll have to check it out yourself when you get to it in the game. You’re in luck too, as the game is 75% off this week as part of the Steam Sale! What better way to get into Otherland than with a nice discount to go with it?


Our Thoughts

It’s been a while since the last content update for Otherland was launched, but with 70 new quests we’re sure to have our hands full for a while. We’re quite sad we can’t find any nice picture of the Water Isle though, but we’re sure images of it will be released soon.

Source: Otherland Steam Announcement

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