Otherland: ClanLands, Performance Improvement and More in August 11 Update

New information about Otherland? Don’t mind if we do. With players growing more anxious each day about the current state of events regarding the game, Akio gave everyone an update yesterday.

The Otherland team has been working on Otherland in almost every area in the last weeks. Think of things such as graphics, quests, content, game mechanics, animations, etc. A lot of changes have been made and a lot of new stuff was created based on player feedback, especially regarding the endgame content. New worlds, new areas and a huge load of cut-scenes are coming to the game very soon. Let us narrow down the most important changes:


The performance of the game has been improved significantly. Otherland is now able to run more smoothly and stable on weaker PCs and Laptops and is much less resource-hungry than in the first two Closed Beta versions. Technical details weren’t spilled in the update, but Akio guaranteed one thing: the game is running much smoother than before.



ClanLands are finally implemented! – at least in a playable version on the Otherland test servers. ClanLand is a housing system, but meant for the whole clan and not for a single player like many other games. ClanLand offers a clan bank feature, storage space for special SOMA for items and even special quest chains. Just like your U|Space, your ClanLand can be attacked by hostile players. Make sure to set up guard NPCs with the help of eDNA and if that fails, defend the ClanLand yourself!

Revised Skills

Skills have been revised from scratch, which means: new animations, new effects and new values. Changes have been made to the heavy and special attacks as well. Both are no longer merely stronger attacks, but now have additional area and crowd control components as well. The marksman for example can now do area attacks in addition to his many single-target abilities.

Some buffs have also been changes: when you’re playing alone, your buff will still be the same. When you join a group, however, your buffs will change… For the better of course! When you’re playing in a 5-person group and another player in your group casts the same buff, you will no longer be stuck with the base value of the buff. Instead, the buff will get stronger. By doing this, Otherland is aiming to make group play more attractive and effective.

Because of changes made to the maximum amount of skill slots, the importance of class abilities will increase, making it paramount for players to choose their skills wisely. Via a new value called “Telemorphic Capacity (TC)”, they hope to avoid “spam-builds”. The sum of the TC values of all skills can’t go past a certain limit inherent to his character. The Otherland team hopes to encourage players to think more tactical when choosing their skills via this new system.


Lambda Mall, Bling Bling & Co

Having waited for a long time, the Lambda Mall has finally opened – 24/7! The numerous shops that have previously only been showing a “Coming Soon” sign, are now open, cleaned up and ready for you to purchase things. The different shops offer a large variety of products and services – Equipment, weapons, consumables, a new look and much more!

Some time was also spent on the user interface. It is now slimmer, a little more fitting to the atmosphere and most of all more clearly arranged. The skill bar also received a minor change, making it a little slimmer and a better fit as well as adding a button to activate PvP.

Finally, some of the existing worlds and added side quests and daily quests have been overhauled. This also includes new NPCs and other stuff that make questing fun. They also had some new worlds to present. Enjoy the vast areas of WoodIsle and defeat the evil thugs in the new 8Squared area. Another new, mysterious world was teased as well, but no more details were revealed about that.

A date for the new test was revealed too; “Soon”. Lots to look forward to and a huge update for players who were worried about the long silence from the team.


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