Otherland Closed Beta Begins

DRAGO Entertainment has announced that their MMORPG Otherland is heading for Closed Beta! Players will be able to access complete revamped worlds including 5 Isle, Bugworld, and Mars.


You may remember a year ago Otherland was being developed by RealU, which is now defunct. DRAGO Entertainment has taken it on, made improvements and introduced three new worlds, all inspired by Tad Williams’ bestselling Otherland novels.

Otherland MMO

Here are just a few of the things you can find in Otherland’s beta:

Five Worlds: Lambda Mall, Bad Sector, 8Squared, 5Isles, Bugworld, and Mars
400 quests in an all new storyline
Improved combat system with new Skills and Effects
Reworked Party and Group System
Improved Chat System
Group Dungeons
In Game Cinematics

Find out more about it by watching the trailer below and head over to the official site to register for the beta.

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