Otherland Is Officially in Early Access

After a long period of waiting, it’s finally time to play the game we’ve all been waiting for: Otherland. Fans of the title will find out what it’s really like to play in the world of Otherland, as it has officially entered the Early Access phase on Steam today.


The Sci-Fi MMO offers several versions of the game and is divided in three different packages. You can get the Starter Edition for €18,99 or $19,99, but if you wish to get some additional character and item slots, in-game currency and character skins, you should purchase the Deluxe or Collector’s Edition. The Deluxe Edition costs €27,99 or $29,99, and the Collector’s Edition costs €44,99 or $49,99. There’ll also be a 15% launch week discount in place.

According to DRAGO Entertainment, the game is mostly feature complete, with Early Access taking the place of open beta instead of being a repackaged alpha test. The Early Access phase will help the development team in tracking down bugs and to judge whether the combat balancing is too easy. Early Access will be released in the USA and EU, and the Oceanic region, Middle East, Northern Africa and some parts of South America have been unblocked by Steam as well. You can watch the epic announcement trailer below:

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