Otherland Talks New Features For Next Beta

The Otherland MMO is really starting to sound interesting. Drago Entertianment took some time to explain a few of the upcoming features that will be implemented next play test. Some of them are pretty standard fare like the introduction of the auction house and a rework of the mail system. Others are more unique, the crafting system uses what they call “eDNA” to recreate items based on NPC characteristics. The mechanic sounds pretty unqiue and we are excited to see how it plays.

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The first version is now implemented, allowing to craft weapons and armor based on SOMA, items as well as eDNA. eDNA? Yes, as the name suggests all items in Otherland have their unique virtual identity. Instead of finding recipes in loot drop or buying them at vendors, players extract eDNA fragments from enemies they killed and – once the eDNA strain is complete – craft items characteristic for that NPC. That’s where SOMA – the central game resource – comes into play as crafting requires multiple types of SOMA in various quantities. Further adding variety, items will be created with 1 to 3 sockets. In turn, these may be filled with 3 types of crystals to improve various stats. Lucjan Mikociak, CEO of DRAGO Entertainment, explains why on the other hand the developer decided against crafting professions: “We want to offer our players the chance to create their own, perfect armor at any time without restrictions.”


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