Otherland Update Adds 120 New Quests

In the fantasy world of 8Squared the war between the Red and White Armies rages on, but now players can join the side of the White Army for the first time and complete 120 new quests in Otherland.


The new expanded storyline will lead players into the deep secrets of 8Squared where they can experience new locations such as the Mausoleum or the Red Castle. In addition to expanding the plot and environment, the player level cap has been increased to 50. Players are encourage to explore the new areas in 8Squared to level from 40 to 50.

Furthermore, DRAGO Entertainment has listened to community feedback and has implement a number of changes and bug fixes. Keybindings for the quickslot have been added, male characters received a rework, and zone transitions have been upgraded.

Additional Features:

  • Quest-driven MMORPG with 4 character classes, PvE and PvP
  • Action-based combat with WASD-controls and direct mouse aim
  • Outstanding virtual reality scenario with 5 uniquely designed worlds and a compelling story, based on Tad Williams’ best-selling novels
  • eDNA: Players craft items and clone NPCs based on their virtual DNA
  • U|Space: Personal housing – customize, grow resources and defend against other players
  • ClanLand: Clans develop their own worlds, conquer others and protect their own in clan wars

Currently, players can gain early access to Otherland through Steam.

Source: Press Release

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