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Outrageous Hairstyle Prices in Tree of Savior

Yesterday, Tree of Savior had its grand opening in Korea despite still being riddled with problems involving bugs and exploits. However, the biggest controversy could come from the cash shop prices.

In a video produced by Steparu, a few examples of what can be purchased from the cash shop are given. Due to the game’s very recent release, there are only a handful of items currently available, but the most ridiculously priced items for sale are the haircuts.

The premium currency in Tree of Savior is TP, which can be used to purchase extra character slots, change character names, expand warehouse storage, EXP books, and VIP tokens. As of now, the conversion is 19,600 KRW for 200TP or 29,400 KRW for 300TP. While most other items are reasonably priced, the hairstyles cost either 198 or 298TP each.

After the currency conversion, the cheaper set of hairstyles runs about $17 and the second is nearly $25. That’s literally what a budget haircut costs in real life. So, if you can only choose between getting a haircut for your avatar or one for yourself, we recommend going with the latter.

Our Thoughts:

There are a lot of games out there that attempt take advantage of players who really care how their characters look. There’s a big difference between charging a few dollars for a cute outfit and paying what it would cost in an actual store.

Source: Steparu

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