Outspark helps Haiti with Earthquake Relief Fund


Outspark helps Haiti with Earthquake Relief Fund

The recent catastrophic quake that has caused devastating amounts of damage on the

island nation of Haiti has touched lives in all corners of the globe, some nearly as deeply as those within the disaster area itself. Throughout this tragedy, people worldwide

have displayed an enormous outpouring of generosity through their contributions to the relief effort.

As communities all over the world band together to

assist in aiding the victims of this catastrophe, our community, whose past contributions have fed the homeless, provided education, and helped the environment, will also be

doing our part.

For the next month we will be making available a "Help Haiti" bundle that will be available for 4 of our games; Fiesta, Secret

of the Solstice, Wind Slayer, and Project Powder. All bundles will be available between January 15th until January 31st, each with a donation amount of $5.

style=”text-decoration: underline;”>100% of the proceeds from the sale of these bundles will be donated to Yele Haiti, a relief organization founded by Haitian-born musician

Wyclef Jean, whose mission is to provide humanitarian aid and assistance to Haiti.

Along with providing our community with an exclusive item

release, know that you’ll also be helping the lives of real people who need your aid.

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