Overwatch Officially Reveals Brigitte

Yep, we (and likely everyone else) have figured out the 27th Overwatch hero’s identity. It is, indeed, Brigitte Lindholm. And sure enough, she’s totally going to wield a rocket flail and a shield into battle because the game could absolutely use a techno-paladin.


Described as “a valiant squire who battles on the front lines to protect her allies”, Brigitte is the youngest of Torbjorn’s daughters and can be found fighting alongside her godfather Reinhardt. Previously, she mostly focused on repairing Reinhardt’s armor, but decided that fixing equipment can only be so helpful and has created her own gear to take the more direct approach.

As a Support hero, Brigitte uses hits from her flail to draw away enemies and issue a passive healing aura that helps nearby allies with every strike. Brigitte can also issue a shield in front of her to offer limited protection to allies behind her and shield bash the first enemy in front of her to stun them, or deploy Repair Packs to heal wounded allies or offer armor to fully healthy allies. Finally, her Ultimate ability, Rally, grants a large armor boost to her team and ramps up Brigitte’s movement speed.

Brigitte is currently available to play on the PTR right now. You can learn more about each of her abilities on her hero page and check out her backstory in the video below.

Our Thoughts

Another Support hero! We most definitely didn’t expect this. We have to admit, a lot of Brigitte’s kit definitely sounds like an interesting avenue to being a healer, granting players the opportunity to help out their friends while not hiding in the back line. Consider us intrigued.

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