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Paladin Changes in World of Warcraft Focus on Getting Up Close and Personal

Blizzard recently released a few previews of the major changes that classes in World of Warcraft are going to receive once the Legion expansion is released.

Paladins in World of Warcraft have always been depicted wearing heavy armor and carrying a huge hammer, but most of the time they were far away from the fight. Most of the changes for Paladins are going to revolve around getting them closer to the action.

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Currently, Paladin healers are best at single-target healing and making use of Beacon of Light, but the long-range of their abilities allow them to stay away from the frontlines. Abilities are now being adjusted to provide bonus healing to allies that are nearby. With the new Lightbringer Mastery, Paladin spells will now heal up to 30% more based on proximity to the target. No more will Paladins be rewarded for hiding in the backlines.


The Protection aspect of Paladins is already aligned with how Blizzard wants the class to play, but a few of the more awkward components are receiving a rework. First off, Holy Power is being removed to provide more diverse skill rotations. Crusader Strike is also being combined with Hammer of the Righteous to trigger AOE damage when standing in Consecration. Word of Glory has also been replaced with Light of the Protector, which heals the Paladin for 50% of their missing health.


The variety of long-ranged Retribution skills are being changed to make Retribution Paladins much more melee focused and act less like casters. Retribution Paladins will also continue to use Holy Power, but new talents and skill, such as Blade of Justice, will encourage them to stay in close proximity to their targets.

Our Thoughts:

Watching a plate-wearing class stand in the backlines was always a bit of an odd concept. Now Paladins will receive improved abilities that promote riskier play. This should definitely lead to some interesting new Paladin play styles.


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