The Paladin Class Revealed in Skyforge

The team behind Skyforge announces a new class today. The Paladin, as one of the more durable and hardy classes in the game, features a temporary invincibility that will help him escape from seemingly hopeless situations and turn the tide of battle. When things go really bad, the hero sanctifies the ground around him and gains the ability to use any skill without spending “righteous anger.” For continuous DPS, the Paladin must be near his target. He can either draw the fleeing enemy to himself or dash towards them knocking them down. The attacks of this class are not the strongest, but they are not the Paladin’s only weapon. His primary task is to draw enemies’ attention to himself and let his teammates or his high survivability do the rest.


Some of the paladins abilities are explained in detail below. for more information regarding Skyforge you can watch the reveal video down here.

Basic abilities:
Righteous Blow – The Paladin attacks the enemy with a sword and inflicts minor damage. First strike in a series of basic attacks.
Waves of Wrath – This ability needs to be charged and can be activated by holding down the mouse button. The character swings his sword in a circle, hitting several enemies at once and knocking them off their feet. The weaker the opponent, the longer they will stay down.
The following series of attacks (combos) are based on those two basic abilities:
Seal of Light  – The Paladin swings his sword crosswise, inflicting moderate damage to the target and all enemies in the line behind it.
Punishing Bolt  – The Paladin sword deals a powerful downward strike. On Holy Ground the target will be struck by lightning and the attack will inflict increased damage.
Justice Blade  – After Righteous Blow, the Paladin does three quick strikes with the sword, each dealing more damage than the previous one.
Divine Scourge  – On the fourth hit, the character jumps in the air and deals a downward blow, accompanied by lightning that strikes several targets. If the paladin is affected by Celestial Shield (one of the defensive skills), the shield explodes, inflicting additional damage. On Holy Ground or when Righteous Anger is used, the radius and the force of the attack increase.

The previous released class was the Cryomancer, check out the reveal video down here.


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