Paladins Console Closed Beta Registration Starts Today

Those who want to join in the Paladins console closed beta can now toss their name in the hat as registration for the console edition is now open.

Paladins Grover

“We’ve been overwhelmed by PC gamers’ response to Paladins so far, but the number of tweets, e-mails, and posts from gamers demanding Paladins on their favorite console has been equally overwhelming,” said Hi-Rez CEO Todd Harris in a press release. With console players in mind from day one while the game was in development, the day has finally come for PS4 and Xbox One owners to get a chance to join the console version’s closed beta of the team-based shooter.

According to the press release, Paladins’ console controls were designed with the help of “big-name console gamers” in order to provide the most polished FPS experience on a controller. Those who are curious on seeing if that claim holds true and put in feedback on their experience can register either for the Xbox One version or the PlayStation 4 version.

Our Thoughts

More platforms means more players, and that’s never a bad thing for any game, especially for Paladins. This title looks to be making a real splash with gamers, and we’re excited for console gamers to get their hands on the title and provide Hi-Rez with some data.

Your Thoughts

Will you be putting in your name for the console closed beta? Which console are you looking to play on? Tell us below in the comments!

Source: Press release

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