Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Details a City’s Creation in Livestream

Capital cities in MMORPGs can serve a number of purposes, whether it’s a place for roleplayers to gather or the spot where the auction house board lives. In the most recent Pantheon livestream, the devs of the upcoming MMO detail their thought processes behind the creation of one of these cities and what they hope to convey to players.

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The city in question is Thronefast, a capital city which was described as a key part of the new player experience in the region it’s located. During the stream, the devs and streamer CohhCarnage walked through parts of Thronefast which were still in the process of being built, along with a look at various pieces of concept art being used to flesh out the city.

According to the devs, heavy attention to detail is being put into Thronefast’s design, from the scale of buildings to the placement of player service buildings such as banks. The devs even went so far as to nod to sound queues just behind the main gate bearing the weight of player choice, with the clangor of soldier training planned to come from the left and the chanting of priests coming from the right and how that can affect a player’s decision on which way to go.

Pantheon will be closing off pledge tiers that include pre-alpha access on December 20th, while payment options that include pre-alpha access will be closed off on November 26th. The tiers are being closed off as a result of the pre-alpha testing pool nearing the number that the devs are looking for.

The stream in question is a beefy 49+ minutes, so get comfortable and learn about all of the details in the video below.

Our Thoughts

While the level of detail and attention to minor things is certainly fascinating, we also hope that this doesn’t lead to the devs overthinking matters. The lore of a city and the feeling a building evokes can very often be secondary or even tertiary to players if the actual MMORPG gameplay portion isn’t interesting enough.

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