Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Reveals its Caster Classes

Some like to tank. Some like to stare mirthlessly at a DPS parser. And some like to wear swishy robes and throw spells about. Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has offered its final three classes for that third type of player with a look at the Pantheon caster classes, which happen to be the final three options players will have come launch.

pantheon caster classes

As we’ve done with previous class reveals for Pantheon, we’ll go ahead and go through each one line by line:

  • The Summoner gets the ability to call forth a mana ghost known as an Arcamental and imbue it with the four classic elemental properties for utility as well as DPS.
  • Wizards look like your classic glass cannons that wield Frost, Fire or Arcane magics. Its most unique trait is that focusing on one of these three spell types offers a passive, stacking buff.
  • Finally, the Enchanter brings crowd control and utility to the caster lineup, offering damage and lockdown to foes, boons to allies, and even unique spells like one that allows you to transform into a nearby object to hide in plain sight.

These classes, along with the other six revealed previously, will all be playable starting with the MMO’s next alpha test build.

Our Thoughts

So, nothing terribly unique with the wizard class and arguably not much with the summoner, but the enchanter class could certainly be an interesting pick. It’s just a question of how well crowd control gameplay will work with the earlier referenced DPS players. Especially those who pay more attention to a parser than to what’s going on around them as they attack a locked-down target ahead of time. You know who you are.

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