Paragon Open Beta Coming Soon With Deadly New Hero Khaimera

Summer can’t come soon enough now that we’ve finally got a definite date for the Paragon Open Beta! Unless you want to invest in a Founder’s Pack or the Essentials Edition to get your hand on some in-game goodies and join Early Access, you can play Paragon for free starting Tuesday, August 16.

Registrations are also still open for the Paragon closed beta, which means you can still get into an upcoming free beta weekend between now and August 16.

Paragon open beta khaimera

Epic Games also introduced a new hero that will soon be joining the Paragon roster, and it is a savage melee fighter called Khaimera!

The official post describes this hero as a “duelist” wielding dual axes and expert at pouncing on isolated targets to stun and damage them from close-range. He also gains higher health regeneration with each basic attack and his Ultimate ability, Cull, will both root and isolate targets from their allies, enabling him to deal a significant amount of damage.

The new hero, Khaimera, will be accessible to players on Tuesday, June 21. You can watch the Khaimera announce trailer below:

Our Thoughts:

Summer can’t come soon enough! Khaimera looks like an extremely fun to play addition to the Paragon roster counting seventeen heroes already. Epic Games will be releasing new heroes ever three weeks until late into 2017, which means that by the time the free open beta hits we will have other new heroes to try, only making the announcement more interesting. We are surely looking forward to August, how about you?

Source: Epic Games


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