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Paragon Reveals New Hero

An announcement on the official site for Paragon reveals new hero The Fey will be joining the game’s roster.


The Fey is a Support Caster hero that’s able to level the powers of nature to provide crowd control and make life for those in her lane thorny and miserable. The announcement gives details about some of her abilities, such as Bramble Patch that slows down multiple foes and Untamed Growth which tosses an exploding plant for AoE damage and a DoT afterwards. The Fey will be available for play this coming Tuesday, August 2nd as part of the game’s update. You can see some of her skills in the preview video below.

Our Thoughts

The Fey appears to be an interesting addition to the Support heroes already on the game’s roster, though we’re definitely curious where she will fit in to the game’s meta especially with such an already robust amount of Control-centric characters. The fact that her abilities seem to operate more along the back line seems to be the biggest way she’ll stand out. We’re looking forward to seeing how she operates in-game!

Your Thoughts

What do you think about The Fey? Will you be playing her? Where do you think she’ll fit in to team set-ups? Tell us in our comments.

Source: Official site

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