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PAX East 2017: Conan Exiles Updates Discussed

During a live stream from PAX East future Conan Exiles updates were discussed by Lead Designer Oscar Lopez Lacalle. Here’s what was said on the stream.

The team would like to create clan color schemes which can be applied to everyone’s clothes. This won’t be introduced with the dye system, however.

conan exiles dungeons

Here are a few other highlights:

  • The newly announced dungeon will have unique resources that allow you to craft unique items in addition to having interesting lore.
  • The development team would like to create multiple tiers of explosives to give less advanced players options.
  • They’re also looking into giving trebuchets different kinds of ammunition.
  • The team would like to include verticality in raids and sieges, allowing you to attack from all angles. One example given was on ladders.
  • The highland biome will be located north of the desert biome and include highlands and mountains.
  • The team wants to introduce more types of weapons to give more diversity. One example is two handed weapons on top of hammers.
  • Missile mechanics and throwing weapons will be improved and different types of projectiles are being considered.
  • The devs are working on introducing ranks within clans that have different permissions.
  • Alliances are not planned at the moment but it is possible they could come in the future.
  • Finally, the team is working on adding a server setting that allows all boxes to be accessed by everyone rather than just the owner.

Our Thoughts

It sounds like Funcom is hard at work making improvements on what already exists in Conan Exiles while also diversifying and introducing more options for everyone. Of course all of this information just expands a little bit more on what Joel Bylos said back at GDC last week.


Your Thoughts

Are you excited about anything that was announced at PAX for Conan Exiles? What do you think of all the discussion about nudity on Xbox One? Should they leave the game as it is or force them to cover up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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