Phytonides Are Coming to Skyforge

Uh-oh, murderous plants are coming to Skyforge, and they’re showing no mercy. It’s time for Immortals to pay heed to the warnings of the Celestial Fortress. Warnings of encroaching hostile alien invasionary forces, identified as emanating from the Phytonide home world. The invasion forces are on a direct course to reach Aelion within just two days’ time, leaving the inhabitants of Aelion scrambling to prepare.


These Phytonides have been around for a while though, always waiting for their chance to gain the upper hand. And even though they have disrupted Aelion’s way of life greatly, they have always been contained thanks to the efforts of Aelion’s Immortals. In history, invasions were quickly eradicated prior to posing a significant threat, all due to Aeli – the planet’s great god and protector. But Aeli is now gone, so it’s now up to the Immortals to face the challenges that await.

Phytonides aren’t just your regular plants, however, and they are known for rapidly evolving based on their current seeds. Eliminating all traces of the invaders is essential in preventing their inevitable spread across the planet. Whether you’re successful or not in preventing this invasion will play a hand in deciding Aelion’s fate and confirm whether or not you’re capable of protecting your home.

You can prepare yourself by reading the guidelines to ensure you have the necessary preparations and knowledge to combat this menace. The Phytonides are set to invade Aelion on the 28th of August, so make sure you’re prepared in time!


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